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hey fellow friends i know i am writing after a long time and am not a regular writer nowadays but today something forced me to write down my thoughts which had been freeze a long time a ago

yesterday something happened that should not have happened the humanity was buried deep within the grounds , a university student in pakistan who had a degree from russia as well was SHOT ,but not only that , thrown from hostel floor , stripped, tortured ,throwed stones but even after the mob killed the poor student they did not stop they still continued to beat the death body with broken chair handles , stones etc and jumping on the death body even you do not treat an animal this way now you will ask what was his fault to die the worst death and create this fear , his fault was his thoughts , his words that got him killed he was of secular thoughts did not pray on fridays that was his fault was from liberal community and had his own views that killed him , he was accused of blasphemy because he posted a poem from an old poet which may contain something but he did not write this poem so come they say he was running Facebook accounts with his  name which contained blasphemy contain well he said before that some other people are using his name doing it but the question is ? who is the that have accused and punished him ? the government ? nope then the law ? nope then police ? nope then who you must be wondering well accusation was by people which can be false rumors and he was punished for by the mob of people not one or two but many and 400 people were making video of the incident and were happy why did not the earth shattered ? how can people be so intolerant i know blasphemy is a really sensitive topic in Pakistan and it can kill i also know its a crime to do blasphemy but let the accused be taken to law court let them decide , let the accused speak for himself maybe he did not do it but even if he did it no one has especially people to humiliate him degrade him and stone him till his last breath cause even the law does not do that even if someone is sentenced to death they are just hanged not killed like this its really sad plus this world has been becoming day by day more cruel someone in Europe is killed like this because of Islamophobia and here these Muslims kill like this then what is the difference between terrorists and us ?whats the difference i can not see any who ever take law in his own hands and do murder in the name of religion or anything i do not know what to call it anymore its inhuman  may god punish those who did it and give people patience and tolerance 

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