I may not be famous or popular , but does it matter nope, what I believe in and think  should be “said” ,sometimes in life we see injustice to other and we remain quite but why do we keep quite just because it’s not happening to us but if we think about it later we will regret it ,not standing up for the person and in some cases if we do the one to have harm is us , or the opposite it does not help at all we in life may have encounter these situations, I do not know about you but I know I have at least ,

The anger which i have the most is when  there is  injustice to women i can not bear it , any kind of violence , i may not be able to voice my thoughts sometimes to people who i know will never get it and it will create a fight only but to people  i am close to i always try to stand up for women , there are many social problems to women in this world which are known with the help the media and internet , news is the leading source of awareness and tell you whats happening around you and the world but one thing that has not changed is crime against women , thinking women are your property and you can do what ever you want , every society and culture has problems and there should be put light on it instead of saying this and that and comparing your  country is more worse than us etc it just makes the problem stay where it is for example (no hate just discussing social problems )as you know India is called the country famous for rapes and the police and government are useless to solving the problem but if you point out this huge problem which revolves around women safety and its said India is not safe at all for women even westerns have been raped there who just went to visit , now how they defend themselves they say “america has more rape number than us or like look at america first ” what every happens in america is not your problem first solve your problems , the thing is admitting its a problem then to find solutions for it instead of giving you example of a powerful country cause its not our ideal .

Second example i would give is of violence do not find excuse to beat women around the world

“please stop it “

just because you are a man or your a powerful old women stop  using it to beat who are weak who can not fight back , i would say no one has a right to even beat a child as a teacher or as a aunt or elder beating a child is wrong it leaves a scar that even as an adult you can not forget even if you think you can its not a big deal it is a really big deal but the sad thing is many people as adults still get beaten or even the worst killed for the most stupid reasons ever , if someone commits a mistake a women or young girl it does not give you a reason or its okay to beat them , you can not bring out any religion to justify that you beating a women is right nope never ,

today a servant of our said she beat her sister for burning onions on stove i did not say anything but the thing is how wrong was she just over burning onions how can you beat ?? i think she has mental problem her sister she is like kids her nature but is grown up , the thing is if you can afford treatment at least treat the patient well but there is very less awareness on mental problems in our society like Asian in many Asian countries India,Pakistan etc they think if someone has bit depression he is crazy just people thinking or who lacks awareness and education,

I have a policy you know which is bound to everybody elder or younger does not matter treat me well respect me and i will respect you , i want to share a story about my childhood which still traumatizes me sometimes maybe it will normal be for everybody but inside of me there was a voice that it is wrong and i think i fought for it , i have been not physically punished for doing something wrong in childhood by my parents they really pampered and care for me but there was an aunt of my that was really abusive i still remember some scenes in my mind that are so fresh the first i remember is i do not remember the issue clearly for but it was some argument on a magazine i think as a kid i wanted to see it so i guess i would have acted like kids do asking it again and again but my aunt said if you do not stop i am going to slap you i do not know how can i be so brave without fear i said in her eyes so slap me is not that crazy i should have been scared or maybe i though she will not slap me i was not doing something wrong just wanting to see the magazine i think but she slapped me it hurt and you know everything happened in front of my mother she did not say anything because my aunt was her sister i did not even said anything to my father which i think should have but i was a unique kid , after that it was like she got used to it threatening me with i am going to slap you when ever i did or said something that was unpleasant to her or she did not liked her , like once when in my another relatives house i called her by her name instead of aunt just to be naughty or maybe i find it exciting what can a little kid have in her mind they are innocent so she again in front of my friend and cousins and everybody else around slapped me it was really humiliating cause it was in front of everybody , but this does not end here at another point she do it again in front of my other relatives again and i started to fear her i would feel bad inside i shared it with on of my cousin and she told her father which was embarrassing for me and i tried to back out in front of them she just opened her mouth i did not shared it with anyone after that then what happen was years going by and she continues to threat me and scold shout at me for minor mistakes like stepping on her foot by mistake anyway she got married i was at 8 grade at that time like 14 years or 13 , even after marriage she put that attitude of her like shut up or i am going to slap you but i could not take it anymore i knew no one could help me and i had a feeling do not why but i felt like i am grown up now i am not that little girl that can be hit and do nothing so when she again said that i did not shut up when she came to slap me i stopped her hand and fought back many people will think i did wrong but i think i did the right thing it was to safe myself , she was shocked a bit i had few injuries it was like a cat fight but that was also not her stop maybe cause it was not that well put up fight i stopped her attack on me so the next time she did it when she had a baby 2 years and she will let do anything even in our home if she is breaking something your not allowed to say no to her there was a piece i really liked so i just wanted to stop the kid its not like i would beat her just take the piece but her mother did not liked it and so she it turned into an argument and then into a fight a physical one a bad one cause we both had hairs in each other hands my father came and stopped the fight , he supported me , but my mother as she was her sister she stopped talking to me for few days , and maybe hated me at the moment when i told her my reasons she did not agreed saying brother and sisters fight too but she was not my sister and who gave her the right to shut my mouth with a slap no one i did not give her that right even at the age of 14 she wanted to do that if i had not stopped her she would continue to do that until 18 , 19 ,20 etc but i really feel proud cause after that she never threaten or physically hit me , even after that i would help her when she need me but at the time of her second child things get messed up she could not hit me but she would use her mouth to shout for reason like always not my fault she again came to our house after birth so that my mother takes care of her i had no problem but babies are cute you see , she did not liked me touching her baby etc so i would try to stay away but it was a bit hard cause i really liked small baby but anyway one day she was crying alone and i came to pic her when she came she misunderstood she got angry at me shouted at me she said baby will get used to arms but did not listen to me why i picked her when i knew she did not liked it cause she was crying and these days i was already suffering so much my father was out of country for few months after that incident our relation started to get worse on verbal like i stopped talking to her which was for the best , my parents think i hate her well i would not say i hate her but i do not like her , she has hurt me a lot and left a scar that it can not be forgotten but one thing is positive and its my battle to fight against it and stop it by my own hands ,

Well i am sorry i told you my long story but i just wanted to say everyone is not like me some people as adults grown ups get beaten abused by there lover,parent,relatives etc which is so wrong voice against it stop it before its too late cause when it starts it repeats itself until you stop it , love yourself most do not take it for because you love that person as a child you could not protect yourself but as an adult you can , now coming to when will the light come is for all those women that waiting in the dark for the light the women who are killed in honor there light is shut down forever and the women who are thrown acid upon ,  beaten, abused are waiting for the light i wish that all the women in the world are free form these men and women judging them , telling them how should they live there life , how should they dress up , lets be free decide who we want to marry irrespective of there background , free to say what we want and believe is right , to be able to walk towards our dreams either its a stay at home mom or a working mom do what you want desire , live the life the way you want , how you desire it cause we get this one life fearing it self is a suffering we will not have another day live for now for today instead of regretting doing things on your death bed as its said you regret what you did not do when you have few days left to do in life , i know women day has been passed but its always important to talk about it , even if you can do not much just try doing little by little and i am sure


another thing women are strong people and in the old days too they though women were weak but nope women are strong it all in your mind and thinking your not weak




Add yours

  1. Strength and confidence come from within us. It is our willingness to embrace and accept the value and strength within that makes us powerful. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  2. Your work is wonderful and needed. I raised three daughters, have six sisters and a wife. I taught them. You are strong and you can do anything. I believe all women. ” Never depend on a man income. Have a skill or a trade. Be able to support yourself. Be independence and wise.”

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