PARENTS LOVE, relationships, story

why do not you get me

my respected mother ! you give birth to me bringing me this world feed me , when i could not even talk you would understand what i need fulfilling my every need teaching me how to walk , dress up, write read so how come now you do not get me , you do not see the depression behind those fake smiles , how come you do not see understand the words i speak , how come they do not get to you , how come you do not understand my insecurities,anxieties ,fear,sadness,weakness , when i do not speak you say i am getting away from you and when i do speak whats in my heart or what i feel like you get upset , sad and do not get it at all i mean no harm at all but i guess its better to remain quite ,

times changes from you understanding me to you do not even knowing me 

I wish you will hug me when I share my problems with you , listen carefully like the world depends on it , and then tell me its going to be okay , everything will be okay I am with you to support you so do not consider yourself alone and I love you , I wish to hear hear these words are these too much but I miss the young you when you loved me as a child now as an adult I miss it so much cause you never do it


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