Who loves Chainsmokers

As a teenager when i was 14 I loved Justin bieber  but as i have now grown into an adult my liking and disliking habits have been changed and so does my music , now I love chainsmoker music its number one my male music list well  i would not say i hate Justin but i still like his two adult songs “i ‘ll show you ” and “what do you mean ” but other than that not interested who he comes last in my list now , coming back to chainsmoker they have released a new album this year and two of its song



“break up every night”   

are so fresh like in young it talks about love that immature not mature enough young love innocent love showing realities of love and the naughtiness as well

now the next one break up every night , it is just about women and there complicated mind and how it works but it is really fun

now coming to my favorite song of chainsmokers , they are two songs 


2.something just like this

closer is a really romantic and sexy song even if its old now I am never feed up with it ,


and about something just like this its the perfect dream of a girl to be a with superhero we have been reading these fairy tales like Cinderella,beauty and the beast and many more since childhood it gives us a desire to have fantasy so this song perfectly describes it how a girl wants a superhero instead of normal guy 



do let me know which one is your favorite one or even your favorite  song take care everyone


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  1. Lucky says:

    I also love Chainsmokers soo much😃 i love closer but my favorite is Don’t let me down😃

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  2. yea that is awesome thanks for telling me 🙂

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  3. I love Chainsmokers😍!!
    And my fav ones are Closer and Superhero!!

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  4. yea I was just listening to closer its been two years since that song but its still so good
    thanks for liking and commenting 🙂

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  5. Yep you’re saying true..!
    And no need to thanks me for such a small thing…
    Happy blogging 😊

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  6. hmm then what should I do if not thank you 🙂
    is not thanking common manners if I do not you will say how rude ? lol

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  7. Haha! Hopefully I’m a teenager, so formalities seems less important to me! But if you think it’s rude, you may continue☺

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  8. , I do not think its rude was just putting a point of view how mostly people view it 🙂
    and how to appreciate
    and for you enjoy the kindness cause you do not wake a sleeping lioness

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  9. Wo wo woah ! then I guess this lonewolf deserves to be under the kind legacy of that lioness!😂😂

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  10. hmm which legacy lol
    well I do not know about deserving but yea kindness is sweet

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  11. You mentioned a sleeping lioness right up there, so I was moved into a kind of state of terror! xD


  12. hmm terror I will not eat you , you should say instead I was honored lol

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  13. Your highness!!….xD😂

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  14. haha no need to over do it , it may angry the highness

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  15. Oolala …time to take long vacations from the court!

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  16. liveoutcrazy says:

    I hear songs by chainsmokers 24/7. I like paris and cloaser veryyyy… much

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  17. yep same here I still like closer a lot and its been two year since it released

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