My Amazing Boyfriend

my amazing boyfriend is a Chinese drama , it is said that its based on Korean drama my love from the star but no they have different story lines , I have recently finished watching this drama it has about 28 episodes  somewhere in between it can become a bit boring but you can skip it otherwise the story is good , its about a girl tian jing zhi who is an actress but she is said to be unlucky because of the problems and accidents happening in her life , her rule in dating is to hold hands after 3 months and kiss after 6 months , she has about 6 ex boyfriends but no one lasted till the 6 month her first kiss is stolen by the her last amazing boyfriend who has some powers due to genetic changes , he is a bit dominant and the girl she is silly and cute, she falls madly in love with him

after watching this video i became so curious and watched the whole series

now some pictures from the drama if your interested






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