the human heart is fickle

there’s no such thing as permanence

love ,then hate

hot ,then cold

upset ,then grateful

 full of resentment , then full of understanding

And so on, and so forth      

                                                                          49days (drama)



you have to live well if life is hard and remember the happy special memories and be happy

                                                                         49days (drama)



you do not know until you gave it a try , see you can do it

                                                                              mask (drama)



At times , the road seems far and you may shed tears with a sad heart , but until the day everything becomes a memory , let’s be each other ‘s resting place




Regret is only for those who does not have a future                                                                        secret love (drama)



I like you . No matter how hard I try not to like you , no mater how hard I try I can not stop liking you to the point I get angry at myself

                                                     boys over flowers (drama)



tell me which quote you like these are my favorite ones from korean drama if you have any let me tell and share 

3 thoughts on “KOREAN QUOTES

  1. I like this one: “Regret is only for those who does not have a future.”

    Regrets are regrets of the past. We can no longer undo it, but we can learn from them and take those lessons to have a better future.

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