I CAN ……

If i can give you my heart ,i can also take it back within a second

If I can put you on the pedestal and worship you ,i can also throw you down from it

If i can love you more than myself ,i can also forget you like you never exist

If  I can jump in fire for you , I can also bury you within the ashes

So do not take my love for granted

cause nothing is forever

your not going to be the only person in my life

just because I loved you

and its okay for you to mess my mind and soul nope not okay !

because for me happiness matters more than pain


love matters more than betrayal

 so i will move on with every pain in search of happiness loyalty

that belongs to me and only me

not going to love you like romeo and Juliet  

cause not every love story has a happy ending

some have inspiration,lesson,and self respect

which is all i need

so i can do what ever i want

cause i am strong (women/men)


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  1. Wow, this is so passionate. Every line resonates in me. Beautiful and relatable!

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  2. Donna Marie says:

    Hey ya Flying colours long time no see. miss your post and your creativity and well spoken words one of the lines I like and cherish is ” because for me happiness matters more than pain” they all great flowing together 🙂 blessings

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  3. yea i had writers block i was not here for so long , missed me 🙂 i am glad to see you here
    thank you for your compliment and like
    blessings to you as well
    love you have a nice day

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  4. thank you i also like your posts a lot 🙂

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  5. Donna Marie says:

    you are welcome,oh, I can relate. I did the same thing to one of my blogs recently and now I am trying to revive it 🙂 hope you are feeling better and the words just flow. sometimes I let the words just flow and they make no sense then the next time they do… writing is a muscle like all other I learned to be patient and all is good for you . hope that made sense. 🙂 blessings

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  6. yea its better now from before and thank your for your support it matters a lot


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