The darkness is slowly spreading like a virus covering the sun and coming towards the earth to swallow it whole Advertisements


no one like you your love is remarkable  every misdeed i do you will forgive me never leaving me times when i would be sad and not talk  to you , you would beg me console me try to make me happy there is no one like you in this dark world oh  mother thank…


here are few of my recent water color painting , let me know which one you like and your thoughts plus i do at as a hobby not a professional or even a student it relaxes me and i love colors and making something creative out of it and REFRAIN FROM ANY OF THESE IMAGES…


this song so much is relatable  to my true story , so listen to it as well friendship to love and then from  love to heartbreak all of it happened so soon that the time spent with you seemed so short and the fights seemed so long but there remain one thing which never changed…

the diary of revenge and forgiveness

you love me , i will love you back you hate me , i will still like you back but if you hurt me or try to hurt me not going to back down will hurt you back cause you sow what you reap and if you repent what you did you might be forgiven