imprison me

have been running for so long

the monsters are chasing me

your my safe heaven

imprison me in your arms

your green eyes are so mesmerizing

hypnotizing me into the fantasy of fairy tales

so charming made for only me

imprison me in your castle

never letting go

love your every imperfection

devil or human my love remains

the same so pure

innocence kills but if its you

then nothing matters

imprison me in your arms forever

sacrificing my freedom is what i desire

so imprison me in your arms forever


Scorpio is like the ocean,

lovely on the surface ,


dive down into there depth


you will find beauty most people never see ……………



Scorpio has god gifted eyes


they like to listen praise about there eyes ,

you can also read out emotions from there eyes



break me , hate me , kiss me

i will still love you

maybe i love pain

does it make me a masochist

or someone crazy in love

you love to inflict pain

making you a sadist

does it make you an abuser

don’t know what is right or wrong

but i can’t lose you

lit the matches and watch me burn

your addicted to inflicting pain

and i am addicted to you