chinese dramas are the best they are better than korean cause they keep you going to the story and plot does not getting boring even for a second where you want to skip or go to the end etc , so today i want to talk about a drama which i am in love with this year and its called ice fantasy , it was written  Guo Jingming he is china’s richest writer also directs and acts .

Now coming towards the drama plot its about two big tribes fire and ice fighting against each but its not all about fight its about right and wrong, love ,romance fight for the throne bromance between the brother of ice tribe well ice tribe is the good one and fire is the bad one but the scenery is heartbreaking meaning really beautiful well ofcourese ice is beautiful if you compare it to fire well kids may find fire attractive , so lets find the reasons why its such  a worth while,addicting drama if you start watching it ,my favourite couple is ka so and li lu and my favourite actor is ying shi

ka sou ice tribe prince ,an  immortal  and older brother of ying shu


this drams has really beautiful actors and actresses just hold your breaths 🙂



now ice tribe second prince who is bullied as a kid because of having no magic

YING SHU he really is handsome i love his character haha many women are in love with his character in the drama too well not many but the fire tribe princess does love him but they are enemies


now fire tribe princes YAN DA c91a5ea58b407c910e5ebe283919e05f


she is the mermaid princess who is in love with ka sou ice tribe first prince she is sweet kind and childish really a good character and indeed she is pretty


now watch these mv of the drama after i watched it i could not resist the urge to watch it

lan shang and ying kong shi



now yan da and ying shou



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