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baby and baby

mom why is the uncle calling his wife baby ? she is grown up and he calls her baby its so funny (the 5 year old asked her mom ) yea your right (her mum response) she did not explained it was not that hard one but conservative family which is not bad everyone has there own way , but many kids do not ask they just don’t they assume it or say its like this, i has a kid also though why in the cartoon he is calling women baby plus in the cartoon he was always running after women kids would not understand  but its mature for kids , kids should not be shows this but still its the 21 century but some memories from childhood always remains and this is one of my that i though why the hell he is calling them baby or babe lol anyway now i get it yea ofcourse SHARE WITH ME ANY OF YOUR CHILDHOOD STORIES I WILL BE HAPPY TO READ 🙂 PLUS I AM BACK SO LETS HAVE FUN


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