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everyone wants …

everyone wants to be happy but its so hard to find happiness

everyone wants peace but why is it so hard to get peace?

everyone wants to forget the bad memories but why do they keep haunting

everybody can control there actions but why so hard to control emotions

everyone wants to be loved (women especially)but why do they never get love

everyone wants to feels respected but why are they treated like trash

everyone wants to be free but they are so caged in this modern world that the man of past was more free

everyone wants to be loved , (for women)but why do they confuse the lust of man with love making them feel like some slut 

everyone wants to be rich but only a few get it with some sacrifices 

everyone wants to be cool but some are bullied by the cool

every wants to be cared but there vulnerability is used and some are harassed

everyone knows expectations are bad but they still end up on that path

everyone wants to be happy but it always end up in LONELINESS with never ending sadness


13 thoughts on “everyone wants …”

  1. Why not easy.. what binds you? Who stops u to be happy ?? Certainly somewhere u urself right?? Because no one other can make decision inside you what to think what to feel or not.. other then ur own mind..

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  2. There is no monsters inside you dear.. the reason is you run Away from the situation and it the Basic root cause of so called sadness which never lets u happy as ur post describe..


  3. hey one more thing we all humans majority have sadness depression etc if your a person who is blessed with not these human emotions the you should not bother on inner peace just live your life and do not bother the normal human beings with emotions which are really important for being human and being alive as its said without pain this life is death


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