freedom, romance, story

the tale of love

first glance love at first sight, heart started to beat for a stranger the sky, the wind everything felt so good the night turned into light , the heart started to beat for someone which was love , love that is so pure but can it really remain pure without a stain ? she fell in love with his imperfections and perfections every part of him with wholeheartedly , her sleepless nights contained him and her mornings to see him , slowly she found the courage  to confess something which was not her thing to do , but love can make people brave that is she thought at that moment ,  so she confessed in an old way , wrote a letter  and put it in his bag hoping it will reach him and he will get it the feelings that made her insane for him , but love too much is called dangerous but she did not cared at all , cause the heart wants what it desires , days passed she keep wondering ,she was scared “what if he rejects her “, worried “what if he did not got the letter ” and so she tried to remain calm but then like a miracle she received a box at her front door , confused she brought it inside and opened it , it contained a painting with bold letter written “accepted” , she was like what is this did someone play with me and she put it back in the box thinking to throw it away as she went opened the front the door a dream came true , the guy she loved with her soul stood there with black jeans and blue shirt ,edward said,

“hey , whats up ?”, she stood there staring as she could not believe with her own eyes that he was real or her imagination ,”excuse me” , edward waved his hands at  her making her come to reality and she said “oh sorry , hey , i was throwing this box someone must have played a prank on me ” with that she went to throw the box away her hands were held by strong but soft muscular hands , he came by looking into her eyes and whispered in her ear

“where do  you think your throwing my reply” he said with a smirk and a smile ,

“your reply ,what do you mean ” she said with confusion  but as he said with his pink lips

“accepted ” , reality hit her so strong that she stumbled back ,

(thank god !i am not wearing heals or i would have fallen )  “you accepted it ” she said with a sparkle in her eyes, he laughed and took the box from her hands and said”that is why i am here rosaliya” hearing him say her name for the first time was like a dream , “edward come inside and i will put this painting in my room “,he replied back “i am in a hurry today how about coffee tomorrow at 8 pm and by the way your my girlfriend now see you tomorrow ” with that he disappeared like a thin wind leaving the shiver of his touch .

(to be continued )


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