THE WITNESS (Chinese movie)

Yesterday I watched the Chinese movie “the witness” which was based on the Korean movie “the blind” , i never thought i would get lost in the movie this much meaning it kept my interest i am not generally the type to like thriller,crime,psychopath dramas but this one was worth it to keep my interest going and making shivers down my spine , its not horror but it would be better to watch it with lights off cause its makes it more real and interesting , so basically the main story is about a really brave girl who gets blind because of an accident and its really amazing how can see with her heart that many people can not its also inspirational to never give up no matter what happens in life and the scary one is the criminal actually , and there is a hero too , but let me warn you it do not have romance , the hero is charming and is an ex member of EXO band luhan but he is not the actual hero its more focused on girl power and how brave a women can be when she decided to be strong , and its also not too long i know many people do not like long movies cause its boring lets be honest i personally do not watch Bollywood movies i watch songs but not movies cause Bollywood movies loses the pace to keep me interested , you can watch it on kissasian website and hope you will enjoy it as much as i enjoyed it .

an mv of the movie


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