self care

How To Care For Your Hands

Often times we forget ourselves resulting in injuries and painful days.

For us work comes before our health and so we ignore our bodies which we forget are blessing from Allah.

He will ask us about it on the day of judgment, that did we took care of our hands the care they deserved .

Often times our hands are targeted to various laborious jobs at home like washing dishes,clothes ,cleaning,cooking,lifting weights ,moping the floors and what not ,

A never ending work at home and these detergents ,soaps and harmful chemicals that do clean our house but our hands they become rough ,ugly and get infected having bacterial or fungal infection and gets inflamed.

  I also did not realized until i got it and had to take antibiotics  for two weeks to treat my inflamed finger resulting in no hand using and keeping it away from water as advised by the doctor

well the last one did not lasted long as i could not keep my hands off water cause my room was a mess  , anyway here are a few tips you can apply;

  1. always wear  gloves before washing dishes as the chemicals in the soap are harmful for the skin and keep away water from your hands as too much wetness is also not good

  2. stop nail biting at least try it , you can do it for your self care

  3. apply lotion before bedtime and after washing your hands

  4. if you cut your nails do not cut it too deep or it could result in injury


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