have been here since 14

but never been so strong

fighting all my demons

these wounds don’t heal

these scars on my arms

are the proof of my battle’s

on lonely nights

fought for so long

have been here since 14

but never been so strong

standing on this island surrounded by water

all alone

breathing but barely living

the angel of dead stalking around

messing the minds of a teenager

into doing the unforgivable

have been here since 14

but never been so strong

for judging me ,walk in my shoes first

I swear not even a day, you will survive

the stormy cold nights

sobbing and hating

the failures and bullying

my world this gloomy

have been this way since 14

stronger than everyone

not a victim but a survivor

battling these wars made me iron women

stronger than anyone

never giving up

rising from ashes my super powers

have been here since 14

but never been so strong


Lost the path ,wandering around

deep within the darkness

I found light

  a glistening lake surrounded by greenery 

the heart leads you on adventures tonight


this song is really inspiring , if you looking for light listen to it and also HAPPY CHRISTMAS , I DO NOT CELEBRATE IT BUT I WISH BLESSING AND GREETINGS TO EVERYONE CELEBRATING IT ,

                                   HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Music is life . When your all alone , when there is no sound in the darkness , its the sound of music easing your pain and hurt .

but if I kiss you

will you mouth

read this truth

darling,how I miss you

strawberries taste like lips do

and its not complete yet

must not get our feet wet

cause that leads to regret

diving in too soon

(little bird by ed sheeran)



You’re saying it’s hopeless, that I should hope less
Heaven can help us, well maybe she might
You say it’s beyond us, what is beyond us
Let’s see and decide

   I’m trying to save us, you don’t wanna save us
You blame human nature and say it’s unkind
Let’s make up our own minds, we got our whole lives
Let’s see and decide, decide ( severo stargazing )



Turn Back Time

if I could turn back time


I would have loved you more

if I could turn back time


I would have treasured every moment

if I  could turn back time


I would have not made mistakes that I did

if I could have turned back time

I would  be in your arms instead of her today


if you could turn back time what would be your deepest desires share and like and comment thank you for all your support 🙂 take care have a lovely Christmas .


you stalk and chase

  like I meant the world to you

making vows and promises

for loving me forever

you start to attract me

style,manliness and boldness you got

 with these muscles you made

making me lose my mind

you start to take over me

make a place in my heart

my body ,soul and mind

are in complete possession of you


then suddenly you feel something wrong

  nothing seems right for you

after so much effort

making me yours but not made my

your mission ends ,another starts

to have another innocent heart  with your deadly charms

replacing is what you do

love is just a hobby for you

these false , empty vows are made only to break 

cause that’s what you do



She is laying on a cold floor .

Which is all wet and the girl is just lying there with water dripping on her face drop by drop , the room has a roof but it could not prevent the big monsters like clouds from raining and slowly it will make her body numb there is no one to save her from the hell.

When it becomes hard for her to even breath she begs for death but so cruel,  she finds a beat after every drowning.

As there is this line between life and death so does there is line between fear and reality ,love and abandonment, understanding and hurt.

So the girl runs away finding a  hole, she is away from sinking deep but that hole does not lead to success cause success is after when she swims on her own from the sea of water ,that hole keeps her safe for a while but she wants to explore what lies outside the hole and water torture but scared she may feel drowning again , she stays in the hole all alone wasting her life.

The crabs in it does not even make her afraid they bite her, but do she scream?

Nope it calms her the blood makes her feel alive,  cause death people do not bleed nor feel pain so she she asks them to bite her to make her fears anxiety, sadness ,guilt, hatred go away making the crab her best friend, her only friend cause his actions speak louder and no words makes her safe.