A taboo in many places or something to be made fun of but its something really natural for every female.

 If she does not bleed every month it has two reasons ,one either she is pregnant or second she lacks some nutrition and needs to see a doctor .

There is also less awareness about it to men they are insensitive to it ,  they do not realize what a women goes through that time , its not easy everyone have different symptoms some have physical pain like cramps



pain over the back legs etc.

Emotional pain too they can be,



lazy and may have craving especially for chocolate.

When a women is going through that phase she wants understanding and support from her family ,friends .

People mostly men can never understand what we women go through and some women can also be insensitive or be like your over doing it which is wrong of them to say , men if your girlfriend ,sister or mother or even friend is going through this phase and you know about it , i want you to show some care and be nice to them cause at that time except all the hormones doing there work and the cramps makes your mind blank making you forget about every thing around them happening, the only thing they care about is the pain should go away , to feel comfortable and relaxed .

If your her boyfriend or husband spending time with her and showing affection would be better option too .

Its time now to stop making it a taboo or feeling disgusted by it or saying it a bad curse people with low mentality are like that especially in india where the women  is not allowed to go to kitchen or temple because she has periods considering her impure God has given her that power of having a child ,bringing a life to earth but men do not understand they say like it had our part too , when men just had the fun part the real burden of 9 months and after going through risk of death and so much pain do men really think they played a  part in that too .

A human body can bear only up to 45 del (unit) of pain. Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 del (unit) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time.

That is why its said in religion the heaven is below a mother ‘s feet , and for a women to get pregnant she has to have normal periods so how can we say periods are gross or disgusting did not they came from the same vagina .

Girls should be taught proper hygiene and how to take care of themselves and boys should learn to be a bit sensitive .

And good luck with your periods and pain.

Girls and women your powerful and strong no men can be as strong as you so smile and keep your heads up .

Cherish that your a women and you can be strong like a women cause men are not strong, people use the phrase strong as a men ,why as men??

Can men really take this much ? never so strong as women cause women are strong , powerful and can change the world with there smile and charm .









in the end i do not own any of the pictures or video they are for there right owner


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