What If I Died ?

what is I told you

I wanted to die?

That I’m tired of living 

of being alive


what if I said

it gets worse at night?

The thoughts get louder

and nothing is right


what if I lied

and said everything was alright ?

No, I am not crying

I swear I am alright



what if I died ?

I doubt you’d even cry 

would you even care

If I took my own life ?

                                              (author unknow found on pinterest)

its a dark poetry relating to someone deepest feelings and emotions and so i thought to share it anyone who is going through this phase sometime in there life  must have felt like this but i just want to say do not give up to you , to  me , and anyone suffering this cause your precious more than diamonds, does not matter if someone knows this at least you should know this, and my teacher once told me

“Be happy and remember worries are born with us we just have to learn to deal with them “

26 thoughts on “What If I Died ?

  1. Sadly, this is exactly how I felt today. I hope your day and week is going fine, it’ll be alright 💖 I loved the intensity of this.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. 😱
    Me too!
    The beginning of the day was all about the tiredness of living…
    But now it’s going better…and I hope the same for you 🌹🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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