ye na samjho ka hamey tum se muhabat nahi      do not think i don’t love you

humey tu adat ha khamosh rahney ki                     I just have a habit to be silent



me ne tarap kar bola buhat yad atey hu tum         with anxiousness i said i miss you a lot

wo muskura kar bola aur tumhey ata he kya ha    you smiled and said what else can                                                                                             I do



log kahtey he mera dil pathar ka ha

kuch log aisey bhe they jo ausey bhe tor kar chaley gaye

people say my heart is of stone

there were some people that even broke that and went by



hey guys these are some of urdu romantic poetry i liked  my first time writing  about it so do not know what the response will be but tried my best , i may have made mistakes sorry for that and i hope you like it