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this was my cousin’s  wedding , the decorations were really good and looked like a fairy tale world but life is not fairy tale , the flower bracelet on my hand , my dad bought by my request as I love flowers be it fake or real but fake are more good as they last long but the real ones have really nice smell so they were real and I loved wearing them , my dress was purple with the red purse combination it looked good ,  I can just share some of these pictures and give you a glimpse in my life a tiny bit 🙂


all pictures belong to the author and owner flyingcolors


13 thoughts on “ASIAN WEDDING”

  1. the bracelet ? you mean the flowers , well are you indian , it does not only give indian look but it gives , Pakistan ,Indian and Bangladesh look too , the decoration and flowers are in Japanese ,Chinese and Korean wedding used too So that is why i preferred calling it Asian instead 🙂
    thanks for visiting


  2. No I did not mean the flowers only. Just the essence. Well never mind. And yes India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have similar culture. And that was what I was talking about.
    But yes beautiful approach.
    Looks like you are from south east Asia as well.
    And it was good to discover your blog.

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