Music is life . When your all alone , when there is no sound in the darkness , its the sound of music easing your pain and hurt .

but if I kiss you

will you mouth

read this truth

darling,how I miss you

strawberries taste like lips do

and its not complete yet

must not get our feet wet

cause that leads to regret

diving in too soon

(little bird by ed sheeran)



You’re saying it’s hopeless, that I should hope less
Heaven can help us, well maybe she might
You say it’s beyond us, what is beyond us
Let’s see and decide

   I’m trying to save us, you don’t wanna save us
You blame human nature and say it’s unkind
Let’s make up our own minds, we got our whole lives
Let’s see and decide, decide ( severo stargazing )



Turn Back Time

if I could turn back time


I would have loved you more

if I could turn back time


I would have treasured every moment

if I  could turn back time


I would have not made mistakes that I did

if I could have turned back time

I would  be in your arms instead of her today


if you could turn back time what would be your deepest desires share and like and comment thank you for all your support 🙂 take care have a lovely Christmas .