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I read in an article , on heart break that

“that heartbreaks are like broken glass if you try to get back the pieces you will only hurt yourself ”

You need to stay happy , even if someone leave your life .

The life that God given you its so beautiful its not worth it to waste on that one person . 

Cause life goes on and that is how it should be .

Human and especially women are really strong.

God has given them the power to bring life on earth .

She can bear so much pain for her child , she can sacrifice so much for family and she can even be a single mother for her child playing the role of both the father and the mother , so how can a women break if a man leaves her.

 She has so many other reason to keep going on , to move on , to be happy cause she is a someone’s daughter , sister, friend,mother  .

she will rise

with a spine

of steel

and a roar

like thunder

she will rise (by Nicole Lyons )

this poem does not belong to me I just used it in my writing for motivation purpose and its really good all the credit of this poem “SHE WILL RISE “goes to the writer and owner Nicole Lyons .


This is a song when I first heart  it , there were tears were in my eyes , yea blame me we women are emotional so what , the line where  she said “I will be stronger daddy left ” touched my heart , wow women are amazing


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