Your friends ,family and the ones you know are safe what more can a person pray for right?

Nowadays  technology is really useful it has made what was impossible in the past but as with every ease there is difficulty .

We should take precautions with technology so it does not hurt us or other people .

There were two dangerous incidents that happened with cell phones and laptops .

One was a girl fell asleep while she had her headphones on and the cell phone was charging and it resulted in her death and her whole body burned so we should switch off the appliances and especially not use the phone when its charging to just be safe.

The other incident an aunt of my told they were flying from Dubai to Saudi Arabia and in the flight a person had his laptop on and he was sleeping which resulted in his pillow burned ,his passport  burned and it dangered the lives of so many people on flight cause it caused smoke and  many people fainted .

Thankfully no one died and the passengers were safe

“so be safe and keep others safe ”

11 thoughts on “SAFETY FIRST

  1. Hi yes, long time no see. I am doing good thanks for asking … my comp kupluied (desktop) I am not a laptop fan but thank God I bought one and more flexible with it. but it is not easy to use for me … that is the reason not seeing me too much for a long time. I need to back into posting my life stories more. 🙂 blessings!!! stay well as best you can be and safe travels to you and yours. stay in touch!

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  2. oh I see well I want to see you more and read more of your stuff your a person who inspires me to write and always have a back for me when I have a writer’s block etc and ask how am I doing SO i am blessed to have you here donna take care stay happy and blessed lots of love

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  3. oh you are so sweet thank you I did not know that I inspired you. This is great to know. This Inspires me. working on a post very soon. I too am blessed to have you as a friend. thanks bunches blessings hugs, laughter, love … see you soon

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