I loved you

the sun , the moon and the stars

are the witness to the feelings in my heart

loving you was not easy but it was  my only way to feel alive

these fights we had were cause I wanted the flow never thought

it could cause you to blow

away far away in a valley where we could not stay

poles apart my heart begs and cries I loved you will you hear ?

8 thoughts on “I loved you

  1. ❤ I don't like fights to flow and blow him. hehehe I feel this when I know that I'm already fighting a lot and won't stop. But I will not stop until I'm heard.

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  2. did you liked it ? someone told me it does not have the flow each line is different from the other , i told him in poetry its like that but what do you think ? I think the flow with each line suits it 🙂
    thanks and yea I agree with you and understand hear me out 🙂

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