hey everyone ! what are you scared of , what makes your heart race and feet sweat .It can be either emotional pain like your scared of heartbreak , rejection or even judgment . It can also be fear of something you see like women are mouse or some can be scared of lizards,dogs,cats,bee, reptiles,spiders ,snakes etc . Being scared of something is really terrifying and it can be hard to not show your fear . So how you deal with the fear or how you manage it I would like to know and share what are you scared for me it will  be animals like dogs ,cats and wild animals and rejection I would rather reject then be rejected I opened my heart now its your turn to open it 🙂

20 thoughts on “SCARED

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    I am a scared of horror films, ghost stories, supernatural entities and such. I get scared when someone tries to scare me, if someone would suddenly be behind me without me knowing, basically I am scared of anything that looks scary. It make my heart jump and sometimes cry just to let it out. I scream, shout and cry after if it’s too much.

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  2. oh I am sorry if someone tries to scare you , it must be funny for them so they try to scare you off , and yeah horror movies are scary I watched a few like Annabel and conjuring haha made the hell scared out of me

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  3. Thank you!!! I don’t watch them anymore. Last one I watched was IT and it wasn’t that scary. For Annabel and Conjuring, they most likely to become real so It will really scare me so I don’t watch unless we are a group.

    It really is funny for them, but it really is not. It makes me feel really wanna scream and cry. I’ve been like this since I was younger.

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