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Injustice to the gender of weak ???

 when looking for a daughter in law why should she know how to cook?

do anyone asks if the guy can cook?
if a man sleep with countless women he is called cool but the women is slut shamed even for having a bf or sleeping around ,

when its her choice what she do
why is a women judged by her clothes “she deserved to be raped etc”
or said a women has to compromise in relations cause the man will never change ?
or a women should take abuse from the mother in law cause she is a wife
the society is changing but its really little cause girl child is still killed

If a guy runs away and marry without his parents permission its okay but if a girl do the same she is killed in the name of honor killing

a girl is thrown acid attack for selfish reasons of the boy in the name of love destroying her whole life

a 5 year old minor is raped for the lust of the man do not the sky falls apart on the injustice to women when will it end ?

from small issue to big women are discriminated

does it happen cause women is weak ?


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