As you started to leave

my hands started to shake

my world fell apart

you were the fragnance in the rose

the shine in the star

without you I felt so lost

wanted to stop you but my lips sealed

could not even say

“I love you ” these feelings in my heart

will they die in

as you were never mine

these poems I write

the man in my dreams is

only YOU

Hey guys you must be like Why always romance well I am hopless romantic person and all I do is love love lol just kidding its just

some poems and writing comes by heart it does not matter how it is written but what it makes you feel

55 thoughts on “UNREQUITED LOVE

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  2. I truely identified with the lines –
    As you started to leave my hands started to shake, and my world fell apart and i felt so lost part.
    It was almost like you were dictating my story, which by the way is always going to be just mine and never ours( he never bothered)

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