The reality of life

no human can escape

every soul has to taste

the fated destiny

sooner or later you have to leave

what you kept treasured gold

soft blankets and pillow replaced with sand and darkness

a mystery of grave still unsolved

kings , landlords , tyrants died leaving everything behind

as life and death are realities of life

My paternal grandma died on 10 feb 2018 in the morning may her soul rest in peace ameen

Never thought a day would come when I would not see your smile. The love you showed and the way you scold ,missing it with passing day

how I wish I had spend time with you when I was busy with my worldly hobbies

35 thoughts on “Death

  1. I’m so sorry to read about your grandmother. You paid her a beautiful tribute. Sounds like she was a wonderful person and you continue in her footsteps.
    The poem was also spot on. We get lost in trying to get more, more, more of everything, but we won’t take it with us to the grave.
    And the picture is amazing, too.

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