Unfaithful( fiction)

My eyes , ears and skin only knew you .

The meaning of love was taught by you.

My eyes they looked only at you . Was I too naive or were you just a play boy toying with the feelings of a foolish girl .

You said ” dear your my peace without you I feel so empty ,your not someone who I just want ,your someone I need to take each breath .My body desires you ,my soul is hungry for you and my mind is thoughtless without you .”

These were the words you whispered in my ear as you brushed my hair aside and kissed me on my back making me lost in the deadly fantasy and beautiful lie .

How naive was I these words , these kisses every young heart had heard them and every young soul had been held like that .

The day you cheated was that real , was it the first time because my eyes could not believe .

Was I dreaming or just hallucinating the unimaginable .

That day the meaning of PAIN /HEARTBREAK enlighten . I confronted him shouted grabbed his collar .

He just stood there unaffected not even a trace of guilt for scarring me for life and laughed on my face “did you really believed all the lies? baby you were just a fish caught in the net ” I looked away thouhght to slap him but instead said

” now your laughing bet my words tomorrow you will cry tears of blood ” and I left not turning back only God knew what I felt inside .

My soul buried ,my heart stopped beating and my body shocked in denial.

Gathered myself up from the broken glass I stood ,now a long long journey was ahead of me.

To heal my broken heart💔and to move on.


Bhool gaye hum ko aisey jaisey na rahta tha koi muntazir tere rah me raat bhar neend na ati

Bhool gaye ho hum ko aisey jaisey tanha galiya suney duniya ab tere bin kya jeena kya marna

You forgot me like this. Did not someone wait for you all night waiting for you and the sleep was miles away

You forgot me like this .Desserted streets and lonely paths are now my destiny now what living or dying without you .

Rahna ha tere bin ab bewafa tu nikala tu hum kyo ku na agey barhey

You are unfaithful now whats my fault in it I have to move on be happy for myself