You can

You can’t “

Too weak”

Too hard”


These are whispers by the demon within yourself as the fights never quit ,never stop believing in themselves,nothing is hard or impossible for them cause they now how to walk in hurricane


You said grab my hand, come to me when you feel sad

Now where do I go ?

Who do I seek?

the pain I feel inside my heart

How can you heal it?

when you put the bullet in my heart

never understood me

named my sassiness as rude

called me weird

was it too much for you to handle?played had fun

broke my heart into pieces

never thought it could break as i always used a protection cover

writing all my pain on a piece of paper. Thats how I tell my poetry not your fault my heart slipped on worthless souls .

By flyingcolors


One is blind by birth but one is blind with eye sight . As elections will be near in Pakistan people will vote but few of my cousins say they will support there leader irrespective of right wrong even if they do bad things make bad decisions do corruption they will still support him which is such a wrong concept I did not do a debate or anything cause I did not wanted to fight over it but do not you think if our minds don’t change world especially countries will never succeed ????