My world painted red

The feeling in your heart

feeling so empty

bright blue color

like a fountain of ink

spread across soil

my world painted in red

the ray of hope can barely be seen

the tortoure on women

never ending battle

my world painted in red

the ray of hope can barely be seen

can I be recarnated to avenge my traitors

so that I become a shinning knight

10 thoughts on “My world painted red

  1. its so weird cuz we had A REALLY EMOTIONAL assembly about it today and feel like the universe is telling me something

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  2. well it showed a play and
    well heres how it goes
    4 girls standing and their mouths are tapped.
    The first speaks( voice over)
    I worked day and night fot his degree. I sacrificed everything for it and still I can see men who do nothing whatsoever, get better and higher postions then me.
    2nd girl is in marriage clothes;
    She speaks:
    I want to play and have education rather than….
    and so on….
    It was emotional and teachers were crying as well ,i think.
    but….. broke ma heart and this song was played in it. It so true to being a women. for me at least

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  3. Yea its sad but the worst part is a women hurting another women
    One women we know beats her daughter in law by there husbands she complains to her sons and then they beat there wife recently he beated his newly wedded wife so sad i did not know about it so i was nice to her my mother told me later about it it broke my heart its like i am feeling her pain

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  4. i think the best thing we can do is understand. understand the filthiness cuz that is the best and permanent way to rid of it

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