Somepeople can hurt you on even the slightess things while some can not hurt you even on the mean thinys


20 thoughts on “Hurt”

  1. Yea tell me do you experience this ? I have a really jealous cousin who is so mean like i want to work our relation out but she is stubborn if she works its work but if i do its not i said i was tired and she said yea with 👠💄💅this

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  2. Oh yes, cousins are perhaps just like that. I’ve been good, IT’S EXAM month. Damn, I guess I’ve been telling that to everyone 😂

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  3. Okay!
    first off. if u want to sort this out. do everything in ur power to do so. everything. except groveling down to her feet. But honestly, if she is not ready to work it out, then leave her be and if she comes back welcome her with open arm. thats all. its hard and simple

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