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Parenting tools

Instead of telling your child why you took the first step to get yourself hurt ? HUG THEM and teach them how to stand on there own .

Many parents tell there children be careful don’t get yourself hurt etc but to an instant as when there a child maybe its ok but as the child grows it becomes there habit to protect there children from every harm just as if the child have not experinced (an adult ) so as the child have not experinced danger , hurt and fall how would he adventure ?how would he know whats on the other side and until the child tries he would not know the house will be a prison not a home then if your child fears telling you there hurt cause they know you will instead scold them and tell them “did not i told you not to do it” ? Thats the worst thing to do to your child cause they will not share things with you then and last teach them how to get up on there own and that if he needs them they will support them no matter what cause thats whats parents are for to love nurture and make the butterfly fly high into the dangers of the universe


12 thoughts on “Parenting tools”

  1. Why are you criticising the role of parents? Don’t take me wrong I just felt that this post criticises the interference of parents in their children’s life

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  2. That is what i want to say there should be a balance regarding how much parents should interfere ,If parents won’t scold then this can also mislead the child.Well these are just my opinions nd that too without any experience coz i m not a parent right now 😬

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