The lonely mountain

Pain and trust

When trust is broken a large about of pain is left you keep looking for an escape door the every door which shuted you resembles the red door so many faces so many lies your with someone just to have something back ?or maybe yoi just take that person granted you dont love or consider it precious do you You trust the wrong people thinking they are right . They become your friends just to break you into choosing sides more favourable to them . As no one likes the winter cold even the birds migrate to spring. Like a winter season cold mountain I stand alone taking the pains from the betrayls now if I look at you with doubt in my eyes and don’t trust you Don’t say you love me cause your only here to have something you don’t want me or care about my pains . It you think you can isolate me the God land is so big and so are there people who will love me as whole not my angel side only but love my demons,sorrow .sadness everything my each and every part my scars my pains and even if i doubt you a thousand times you will stand by me stronger than the roots of a tree and longer than the depts of oceans .


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