Humans blood “black”

the sky is blue

the grass is green

the tongues are filled with deadly venom

the sky is crying

the rivers are shouting

mankind ignorant

killing people is so easy

with a trigger man dead

with a blast hundreds killed

women children elders does not matter

as the blood of humans got black 

Two worlds

we lived in a world so far apart

slowly and slowly felt a spark

like a magnet pulling deep

Bodies  met on a valentine

the kisses left traces, marks of love they had

but fate turned its wheel and they had to leave in order to reach dreams , dreams that did not crossed paths 

Just like  two poles north and south,

sun and moon who loved , loved but could never meet ,

the sea is the witness of there love ,

Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you and that is how I know you 

(fictional story) ended with song my heart goes on

Open the chains

The desire I feel

the fantasy of love

ended when you put

Chains  to my feet

so what if a women

does it mean I should be slaved in home cooking and looking after kids

what about my dreams ?

Should I bury them or lit them on fire fake a smile and live in the golden cage made by you cause I loved you if it suffocates you and makes you cough

blood then open the chains and fly high