Open the chains

The desire I feel

the fantasy of love

ended when you put

Chains  to my feet

so what if a women

does it mean I should be slaved in home cooking and looking after kids

what about my dreams ?

Should I bury them or lit them on fire fake a smile and live in the golden cage made by you cause I loved you if it suffocates you and makes you cough

blood then open the chains and fly high 


8 thoughts on “Open the chains

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  1. Some people also do it just cuz they cant see someone they love in pain nd want you to be away from the tense nd cruel world outside, they might just hav a past or personal experience in tht.
    So wat if u r a girl in ur words “chained” nobody can stop u from having fun enjoying life travelling doing watever u like.
    Maybe tht certain someone wants u to be away from the reckless world outside taking all the burden on his shoulder.
    So i very much disagree with u we should not judge someone tht quickly nd easily maybe his love nd care makes him so much protective that u think of it as “Chained”
    So my point the chains are open nobody can stop u from fulfilling ur desires nd dreams 🙂 🙂 🙂


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