khamoshiya (silences)

kahbi kabhi kamoshiya bhe wo kha deti ha jo alfaz nahi kah sakti

tere khamoshiya me jo tanhaye ha wo kahey aur kaha


sometimes your silence is able to say what words can’t describe

the loneliness in your silences

  where else is it found ?

(by flyingcolours )

3 thoughts on “khamoshiya (silences)

  1. I am also against the black veil, our face must be seen as you see at the airport control in the school, in the hospital and many more, and behind it I find another explanation, all good between tradition and culture, where you grew up in Germany is a German man asks why I do not eat pig meat, as we like to eat pork, but unfortunately I do not eat Muslim in china, no pig meat, but they also have a lot of Tradition that binds together. why wishes always yellowfraben traditional costume. and much more,, . much asked and the dissatisfaction and happiness are always in the heart and spirit, !! you should make the best of it. to find the middle way.

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