Sometimes you wanna runaway into a world of far far away away

from the people the troubles will you come by?

Grab my hand and runaway with me into a world of wilds

come take my hand lets leave

my insides feel like breaking

I am shattering

the demons are coming back

my insecurites fears are back

the old me is back where living is hell and death is relieve expectations hurts so bad

as you grow old you get more and more hurt

lets runaway

I want amnesia

I am full of imperfections

a past full of aches wounds have been through heartbreak, rejections, cheats, betrayal, hatred, oh my my why I feel so worthless, ugly, useless why am I even alive….

a beauty with a demon

a beauty with scars

I can be with anyone just so I dont feel like killing myself

5 thoughts on “Runaway

  1. Na Kajre Ki Dhaar, Na Motiyon K Haar.
    Na Koi Kiya Singaar. Phir Bhi Kitni Sundar Ho. Tu Taazgi Phoolon Ki, Kya Saadgi Ka Kehna.
    Ude Khushboo Jab Chale Tu.
    Bole To Baje Sitaar. Tum kitni sunder ho.


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