The endless road

If forgetting you was so easy can it be called love .

The endless painful road where you travel alone, you tell me

“not to depend on your absence or presence “

I wish the same as it will set me free from the pain of waiting for the impossible.

Ending the nights I spend in your thoughts .

The day dreams about you.

I forgot myself making myself avaible at your door 24/7 my priority was you .

For you I always had time but for you, you didnt had a second in 24 hours for me saying “you busy”.

How can someone be busy 24 hours..

When excuses start to begin in any relation thats the end of it thats when its ended unofficially.

That’s the root of the beginning cause after that your left alone on the road .

My soul needs you to breath , my lips keeps craving your lips,my mind keeps replying the memories of us…….

Now what am I supposed to do I can express my feeling but I can’t make you care .

Now even my emotions are a burden to your mighty self your so great ,so happy ,without me .

I wish there was a pill of happiness

A pill of amnesia ,where I can erase all of you and be happy forever.

what I didn’t had or was not pretty enough .

what was wrong with me?

why did you left me behind ?

Now I can’t even see you on this road you have gone gone so far my love so far my hands left empty with this heart ache in my heart, carrying my baggage of stuff I start to walk alone on this road I don’t know where would it lead me from here…………… What do you think where would it lead me ???