Got it

“Can you give me your number ” said A

No we are talking here so its fine here ” said B


Then after a while “ok”

replied A


Sometime went by another text

“what do I lack ” said A

After a long wait replied B

“Nothing your perfect ”

“stop lying ” replied A

(there must be something wrong with me or why else would you not. Want me but rather use me to your needs)

“I said nothing ” replied B

“No one is perfect tell me I will not blame you, I promise. Replied A

“stop it are you ,crazy you and I are not meant for each other you will find someone whose for you


(her heart shattered a thosand pieces she wanted to die she asked god to kill her, rejection. Got it but find someone else put the needles the most rejectes in. The most horrible. Ways possible when you. Have been Together for an year )

Yes I got it sir

Kill my. Heart for falling for. You

Kill my Soul for loving you

Or give me Amnesia

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