Days have passed since we last talked it was a toxic relation and so ended abruptly you couldn’t marry me nor let me go and so ultimately it ended it ended finally freeing me from something so bitter so full of restrictions you were a patriarch man with old views with views women are inferior to men and that’s one of the so many reasons for our fights I think you can resemble can you?so it ended when he called me not a “wife material” after all the days we talked day and night sharing every single detail after so much he thinks now I am not wife material and that was it for me I couldn’t talk to a man like that before that he had said so much but I had always forgiven him I was used to talking to him daily from good morning to good night we were far but still somehow close and now its going to be a month there is a strange feeling of absence seems like my anger has subsided and thoughts like I miss him comes through my mind but it has ended for good and I would erase him from my mind like a poison entered in your skin you need to suck it out and live living with you would be bad for me and my health its hurting now but it will be better soon the traces of his voice will disappear and maybe i was just in love with the feeling of being in love and because of my low self esteem I accepted someone who I didn’t deserve .

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  1. šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»


  2. Iā€™m glad to hear that you are out of a toxic situation. I hope you both find peace.

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    1. Yes its tough but good things will come

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  3. Yes its tough but good things will come

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