About me(lets join me on the journey )

This page was requested so much so finally i thought to work on it ,

My blog name is   flying colors and its title is lets fly together to light ,sky for love  freedom and peace , i put this name cause i love the concept of free bird i just want to be free from what ever cages me and i want that for others as well so that is why it says love and peace spreading love and gaining love .


Its a blog that is about emotions ,the trauma of different ages especially teenage  , hobbies like about Korean dramas  ,fun and humor ,poems a lot , women rights and the problem women faces in different cultures , about self love , foods cooking tips or recipe about dreams wishes romance stories ,about girls favorite things and what they like to do ,about relationships in our life like mother,husband etc the issues and problems as well and motivation and inspiration to buck you up with real stories and to not lose hope , it has many things but specifically its purpose is talking about issues around us , making a positive change to the world and yeah freedom the love for freedom ,and do not forget the poems 🙂 i want my content to be unique what ever i write comes from heart .



I am a young passionate writer 19 years old , i love writing and even if i get discouraged i just love to do it again . I am not sure what should i write about myself not good at introductions i guess so , I am shy basically but when it comes to things i like i get excited and speak up openly about it ,  i love music my favorite singers are marlisa and Taylor swift and demi lovato  and i love painting eggs ,cooking is so fun and trying new recipe of different cultures as well and hairstyles and nail painting and make up tips all comes as well anyway i do not like to put make up everyday its just for special occasions like for celebrations ,weddings ,festivals and my mood ,  i do not have siblings i am only one , i like my little alone time in day , i get bored if i am doing nothing and that’s it i hope its okay 🙂 and i would bravely say i want to become the best writer in the world 🙂


we have a long journey to go 

25 thoughts on “About me(lets join me on the journey )

  1. no i do not live in swat valley , i have heard its beautiful i have visited other valleys near it like kahan,naran etc they all like joined together from one to another but after the swat operation there is army there is the security is tight also if someone goes there i have heard they have to wait in hours in line in there vehicles due to security check and surprised to know you have read that book 🙂

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  2. thank you so much i wish you and your family health and peace spring time !!!!!! Thanks to you and in addition to that everything is good for you to become an author you already in the middle of the way, dear God protection you and your family.

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