You gave me freedom from the shackeles I never wanted to be unlocked

my heart and soul was chained to you, you set me free to roam around to taste different lips to touch differnt bodies you set me free by ending the one sided love I may have loved you I may have hated you I can tell you how I feel but I can’t make you care How hopless a human is that he Can’t even change the heart nor force his feelings……..


He thinks I will regrer his proposal, he thought I will regret losing him but who knows my heart who knows that for the one i shedded tears of blood is no longer in my life when I can survive that then who are you whome I dont love? Who are you? If I dont accept your proposal move on as my heart is so strong

Wo kahta ha ka ham patctaye ge

Usey kya malom si dil ne tufan sah liya

Phir tum kya hu

He says i will regret losing him

He don’t know my heart survived a storm

he is not even a wind..


Do you ever feel so lonely and sad that even your whole body is tired your eyes are drowsy but still you can’t sleep , the demons under your bed keep haunting you and the bad memories keep repeating itself like a repeating scene in movie and then your heart starts beating faster then its normal rate and your surrounded by gloomy clouds you know you have to wake up early but still you can not sleep. You open and close your eyes sleep no where then you get up as no way out and take the pills as its your only friend


If you don’t have the courage to hear truth and understand why the other person lied

do not ask for truth cause truth is bitter and needs guts to listen

if you leave after hearing the truth know why people lie because of you darling

white lie is never a lie

juding a person based on religion is never right

no one is perfect try to be more accepting

it hurts my soul how you treat me knowing the truth and not knowing the truth


have been here since 14

but never been so strong

fighting all my demons

these wounds don’t heal

these scars on my arms

are the proof of my battle’s

on lonely nights

fought for so long

have been here since 14

but never been so strong

standing on this island surrounded by water

all alone

breathing but barely living

the angel of dead stalking around

messing the minds of a teenager

into doing the unforgivable

have been here since 14

but never been so strong

for judging me ,walk in my shoes first

I swear not even a day, you will survive

the stormy cold nights

sobbing and hating

the failures and bullying

my world this gloomy

have been this way since 14

stronger than everyone

not a victim but a survivor

battling these wars made me iron women

stronger than anyone

never giving up

rising from ashes my super powers

have been here since 14

but never been so strong


The things you have, never realized there value until you lose them .

The person you can easily have you do not want that but what is hard to have you want that but after having it its value becomes zero .

So the brand that is expensive is attractive and the one cheap we are not interested cause everyone can have it .

A human nature from childhood , the kid cries and begs his parents for toys and finally after so much effort he have these toys but after playing with it for a while the child becomes bored ( a habit we never lose even as an adult) so he either throws it away or breaks it . 

Have you ever thought we still have this nature inside us , whatever we desire or want in life we struggle so much after it sometimes our entire life is around that luxury but in the end after having it , we just do not want it anymore .

As an adult as well be it music , movies, fame, power , money or even women or sex after a time you get used to it and its boring , not making you excite anymore .

We want something much better or what others have we desire that ,other people are more lucky or have much more than me but do not realize what we have is so important .

What would we do without it ?


there is a man he has the face of an angel, he is really kind and all over the place his good deeds are known he is like a perfect human being but can humans be really perfect ? is not perfection only for God we humans are perfect as imperfect , so there must be something he is hiding behind his perfect mask what lays beneath his perfect mask is a demon who is lower than human standards ,even animals would be disgraced . his heart is black and his deeds are like gold what you see is just a deception and the truth is buried deep down who ever tries to uncover it death will be awaiting soon 


you feel  the bones breaking  but no one hears a crack , your breaking inside when breathing becomes hard in your own room you feel like dying , when you want one person to be there in the whole world to love you in this 7billion people only one and still silence  no one there you left alone on the cold floor breaking inside , crying tears flowing down but its not something new its every night cycle that repeats with the walls being the only witness and the world cares oh no they do not only they care when someone dies or something big happens why would they care about someone breaking inside , about someone obsessing worry , about someone self harm, someone depression or anxiety they may not even seem an illness to them or if they do they may treat them differently making them sink more and more until the path left is never returning back