Days have passed since we last talked it was a toxic relation and so ended abruptly you couldn’t marry me nor let me go and so ultimately it ended it ended finally freeing me from something so bitter so full of restrictions you were a patriarch man with old views with views women are inferior to men and that’s one of the so many reasons for our fights I think you can resemble can you?so it ended when he called me not a “wife material” after all the days we talked day and night sharing every single detail after so much he thinks now I am not wife material and that was it for me I couldn’t talk to a man like that before that he had said so much but I had always forgiven him I was used to talking to him daily from good morning to good night we were far but still somehow close and now its going to be a month there is a strange feeling of absence seems like my anger has subsided and thoughts like I miss him comes through my mind but it has ended for good and I would erase him from my mind like a poison entered in your skin you need to suck it out and live living with you would be bad for me and my health its hurting now but it will be better soon the traces of his voice will disappear and maybe i was just in love with the feeling of being in love and because of my low self esteem I accepted someone who I didn’t deserve .


One is blind by birth but one is blind with eye sight . As elections will be near in Pakistan people will vote but few of my cousins say they will support there leader irrespective of right wrong even if they do bad things make bad decisions do corruption they will still support him which is such a wrong concept I did not do a debate or anything cause I did not wanted to fight over it but do not you think if our minds don’t change world especially countries will never succeed ????


Do you ever feel so lonely and sad that even your whole body is tired your eyes are drowsy but still you can’t sleep , the demons under your bed keep haunting you and the bad memories keep repeating itself like a repeating scene in movie and then your heart starts beating faster then its normal rate and your surrounded by gloomy clouds you know you have to wake up early but still you can not sleep. You open and close your eyes sleep no where then you get up as no way out and take the pills as its your only friend


How many times you have started a story and left in mid way

how many times completing a story is the most challenging thing

how many times have you felt lost in writing and thought of giving up ??

how many times you thought to shout and show the world what you feel and write

but your hidden in the pages

maybe after your death people will read what you wrote

how many times have you hidden what you feel

how many times you feel like never writing again but still you do


The reality of life

no human can escape

every soul has to taste

the fated destiny

sooner or later you have to leave

what you kept treasured gold

soft blankets and pillow replaced with sand and darkness

a mystery of grave still unsolved

kings , landlords , tyrants died leaving everything behind

as life and death are realities of life

My paternal grandma died on 10 feb 2018 in the morning may her soul rest in peace ameen

Never thought a day would come when I would not see your smile. The love you showed and the way you scold ,missing it with passing day

how I wish I had spend time with you when I was busy with my worldly hobbies

To my lovely blogger friends

You bring a smile to my face wheneve I see you.

I feel like flying cause all of you are such good friends.

Kindness and love I found here. This place is to love not hate .

Peace will come as distance is ended with hearts around the world meeting together .

Who ever your Muslim,Hindu,Christain ,Buddist or Antheist here it does not matter as we are all friends .

hey tell me your journey here how is it your having fun or not and yea tell me how do you find me here I would like to hear your thoughts on me lets communicate , tips appreciated as well