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descendants of sun

today i am writing about a song , its really beautiful makes your heart beat fast so here are the lyrics, i thought to write them ,are not they beautiful? and there is a poem written by me at the end so please read till end 🙂


when i see you ,everything stops  

i don’t know since when

one day you came to me like dream

you shook up my heart

i knew that it was destiny

i love you  

only you

 are you listening ?

close your eyes your love came scattered with the wind

where ever you are

i will love you 

are not the starting lyrics so wonderful breath taking here is the full song if you wish to hear

here is the full song it is sung in male version too but it has some teasers from the drama which i do not wish to watch

its story is really beautiful if anyone of you wish to watch and have free time i will recommend this drama serial and its Korean to be honest they have the power to kill with there looks just never heard of that right who kills someone with there looks but they kill with there breath taking actions too so in this story its between love with a doctor and solider anyone who love romance like me should watch it i recommend and anyone obsessed with Korean drams or chines or Japanese should watch it too i had a beautiful

the writer of this drama is so amazing i thought to write about a poem on soldiers  and doctor love  and also to tribute them and there hard work the writer of this drama has so far did justice ha ha as i have only seen few episodes i don’t know i will cry at the end if its a sad ending or i will jump at the end if its a happy ending but if the hero dies i am sure some tears are going to come 🙂 i was thinking while watching it no person has ever made me laugh so much except my parents of-course they are my world  🙂

you fight in war to save lives 

i fight in operating room to save lives

you stay awake so your nation can sleep

i am awake so the patient survives

you put your life at stake

i do my 100 % with erasing myself

busy in our lives

fighting and saving

doing out duties

families and friends praying for your life 

family and friends  asking me” did i saved there loved ones life?”

live and spread love

your jobs looks more important then me

but both can not survive without each other

where  there is  wound a doctor is  needed

 where there is war a soldier is needed

both are brave

brave to fight not run away to save there’s 

brave to see blood and still function normally 

by flying colours

i hope you guys like it ,its a fusion of soldier and doctor ,the you is used for the soldier and i for the doctor i tried my best now at-least give some credit 🙂



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the memories flashes in his mind his childhood memories he wants to forget but his past do not let him happy in present and his future is an illusion he wants to die but he is living the pain he suffered are eternal he can not forget

he was   hit in childhood and that has a  drastic effect on a his mind when he grows up he can not function normally a flash ,a trigger , the criminal that did that to him ,the people standing still with the criminal that tortures the victim are now standing on the other side everything is opposite

when the criminal own child is put in that position he yells ,he shouts and stops the minor injustice to  his child but why no one stand out for the victim,why the victim was not saved ,the victim still had those horrible thoughts of his childhood ,the victim still has those dreams

why did he suffered all this? why was he not saved ? even whatever happens to the criminal now it can not heal the pain of the victim once hit by him  in childhood when he  s was weak he could do nothing to stop the violence put on his soul ,he could do nothing ,there was nothing he could do to stop it ,now he is grown but it still haunts him why ? he smiles on the outside but a trigger , the injustice he sees that her criminal now protects her child from minor things seeing that makes the victim  hurt , was i not someone child ?  the victim want to shout out to her abuser to the abusers kids what was my fault ? what was my fault ? why you took my childhood from me ? and why are you talking this lives peace from me ? why ,why why ?

but there is no voice back ,everything is hollow but there is hole inside of him too will it be stitched ,it feels to the victim like his past was not his past but it was present it happened now , attacking the weak is so easy if he grows up and stops it own his own but that criminal shouting at him makes him go back he may have stopped the abuse but how can he stop the memories , how can be calmed? how can he erase the pain he is feeling inside that is killing him ?

he looks up to sky “oh god! please give me peace and give me justice on the day of judgement , whatever hatred i have inside is because of that abuser i was not born with hatred i was not born this way but that abuser made me this the one that has hatred in his heart ,the one that do not feel bad for child ,wishes he suffer the same but he will not all this darkness filled inside is not my god is not my but i will just pray that you give me justice that is my only hope to live up ”


love so amazing
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I wrote this poem three years back and i found this now seeing it makes me not believe it that i wrote it so i wrote this in urdu but i translated it for you guys and for urdu readers its below the english poem so please check it out

I Loved you without even knowing you

My soul know you ,now what else i need

Oh lord ! do some miracle

And make love in his heart for me

So that he sees me without seeing

And i know him without knowing him

And he crosses every ocean in thought of me

And show me one look of his face

Do not show the pain of love my lord !

Make me meet him my Lord !


tujhe jana ha bakir tujhe janey

roh ne jan liya ha aur kya chahey

ya allah ! koye muajza karadey

us key dil me mere liya chah (love)pada kardey

yaney wo mujhe bin dekahy dekh ley

aur me use min janey jan lo

wo mere yad se tarp kar har darya par kardey

aur mujhe auskey aik jahlak dekhadey

ishq ki judaye ka gham na de ya rab

aus se mujhko mila de ya rab


desires, dreams, everyday inspiration, freedom, love


Here i want to write the things that i wish for everyone wishes and i to do it but for the first time my deepest wishes will be known my one wish is to  to live a day or week anonymously identity closed no one knowing where i belong from which religion country name or anything just living a day or week with doing what ever i want and no responsibility to take for those actions  ,And these things i would do anonymously are below ,I am very shy writing those but let  it out i guess ok that is what a writer is but you know this is the most difficult one to write

  1. I want a love life , true love meaning lovers for eternity it sounds so awesome and the line that i have no one except you and your the most important person in my life that kind of relation where i am not the second one the princess is precious than the queen
  2. I want a kiss like in rain like in mischievous kiss its a Japanese drama and have a Korean version too it is really great though
  3. I want to dance which i never did decent one
  4. I want to be a photographer,hairstylist,beautician,good at art and craft and cooking of course which i already am but in baking and learning foreign dishes
  5. I want to have a sneak out into a mysetery cave or something like advenger to find something
  6. I want to have a whole playground ahh i love swings
  7. I want to swim
  8. I want to learn making clothes
  9. I want to switch my life with a korean actress name Park Shin Hye she is so amazing i envy her for having worked with actress Le Min Ho
  10. I want to do fishing
  11. I want to fight myself ,my self harm ,my depression,my anxiety
  12. I do not want to be weak
  13. I want to have a couple dance how would it be? 🙂
  14. I love kids but others kids are cute so would love one from an adoption centre i guess
  15. I wish i could fly like birds and swim like mermaid
  16. I want to be loved always who do not want to be loved everyone wants to
  17. I want my future husband to be open minded accepting me the way i am no change at all and yeah he should be accepting my choice not dominate
  18. I want to be brave enough to speak whats in my mind
  19. I wish to smile and not let my happiness spoil due to others
  20. I want be the best writer
  21. I want to have something makes me think of that eternal love
  22. I never want to dependent on someone for things like money , cause its then you do not have to tell him what you do with money as its yours when you earn
  23. I  want to have lots of friends actually i am quite shy and have a personality of introvert so when i see the boys gang of friendship i envy cause in girls that kind of friendship is hard to see as boys fight and get well together but in girls its not seen like that cause we are emotional 
  24. I want to try the western clothes maxi i just like the unique different styles but defiantly with sleeves  and covered like our culture but just try new things with the line of modesty as you can see these pictures have clothes that cover body except hands so sleeves can be attached  to them 

    do not they look awesome our cultural style is different from these but i really do like them so we will see in future i may  wear some beautiful ones

  25. Now coming to most crazy ones i want to change a day with a baby it must be to live a day like that hahaha as we all say kids are angels and so happy so i would be most happy baby then 
  26. I want to live on other planets away for some time but will not i be bored if internet is there then no problem but it would be cool