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Traffic lights or party lights which one you wanna see when the night comes .

the scarf on my head or the skirt I wear does it define the choice I make ? The book I read and the prayers I do makes me a perfect human ? You called me a devil when I protected and voiced my opionions. You told me to shut up just be simple and adorable . You wanted to change me cause my wildness you couldn’t handle . I am not a doll that should be only cute ,beautiful and adorable . I am fire . A fire that can burn forests if threaten or corned . I am a fire who like to play , shout and run . I am a fire who you need so badly when your stomach growls . I can keep you warm if you treat me right .

The sex I have or the virginity I keep does it make me any less of a women then I am?

Does the make up I wear or being simple I like does it give you the right to laugh on my face ?

Being a women is really hard your judged everywhere on everything and on everything you do as well your judged


your sweared

abused and here I am writing a riddle of my worthless thoughts will it make a difference

will it make a difference

if I shout I want to disappear into smoke so that I can never be bothered by the pain I feel

You think I am fire so i dont feel pain of burning but I burn just to light up the world

I burn just to breath a bit longer a bit longer .

broken hearts, feelings, love, man, pain, things on mind

One sided love

He is not the one

I depend on anymore

He is not the one

I trust anymore

He is not the one

I call in need anymore

He is not the one

in my dreams anymore

He is not the one

I want anymore

He is not the man of my dreams anymore

just a man who I once treasured more than diamonds

so a scar he has left when I considered him my world but when you can get something easily you never care .

when ever I look at you a pain in my chest rises and I look away as you never know what I felt for you and you never cared enough for me so I know you never loved me

being women, feelings, inspirational and motivational, mental illness, poetry


scars deep inside my wrist

each scar , has its own story to tell

Hidden under the long sleeves

Afraid the world may see

A constant fear inside

that someone may know

and my secret out

these scars, that tell my story

to each and everyone

they may laugh ,they may pity

whatever they do will hurt me

So scars, be hidden

in a dimention

underneath the shadows

i want to tell you girls something, your beautiful these scars that we have within our hearts or as our hidden secrets do not make us ugly , and we should not be ashamed of them as they shows how strong we were and your beautiful and. I am beautiful regardless of color,religion,race ,nationality beauty do not relay on these things.

One is inner beauty and other is outer beauty and it depends on eyes so my eyes see you beautiful and myself as well and that’s important so do that and not hurt anyone .

feelings, freedom


In this time , I find people are becoming really sensitive when you mean no harm you just view your thoughts as its your freedom people get defensive and name it “don’t judge me “

I really do not get it why not take the other point they mean no harm  calm down listen to it with calm mind and have patience too 

feelings, mental illness, poetry, sadness


crowded rooms

people gossiping

the hole inside is empty

why do I feel so lonely ?

loud music and fake smiles

the sadness inside hidden behind a veil

why do I feel so lonely ?

even when everyone is around me