The month of blessings

Ramadan is coming  


lets welcome it warmly

and do lots of good deeds 

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hello my wonderful readers a big sorry for being away but lets just stat going with the post , it was Muslims festival around the world on 13 and 12  September.


Muslims have two big festivals in a year

1.One is eid ul fitar in which there is celebration after 30 days fasting and which passed by and I wrote about it in this post if your curious you can read or check it out



2. The other festival is eid ul azha in which I was busy and away

so let me tell you about it ,

A small insight about its history  ;

This festival is actually celebrated because of our great  prophet Ibrahim (as ) if you do not know he is the prophet that all jews,christians and muslims recognize and respect highly so ibrahim as had dreams in which he was asked to sacrifice his son in the name of Allah it was actually a test but he obeyed he had covered his eyes before sacrificing his son but when he removed the cloth his son was standing fine and instead of his son a goat was sacrificed who was from heaven and Allah accepted his sacrifice .

There is more to it ;

on that day in makkah which is the holy worship place  for muslims in saudi arabia,  there people around the world go and perform hajj as well which is 5 days it is also a religious duty and fifit pillar of islam and done on eid in saudi arabia makkah  the eid day differs as because of the time difference around the world so when there is eid in saudi arabia it is not in pakistan it is the other day here but here the sacrificing is done for hajj you must go to makkah


Things Muslims do during this festival ;

so muslims celebrate this event and the people who have money have to do sacrifice of an animal it can be any in these animals

  1.  goat,
  2. sheep
  3. cow
  4. buffalo
  5. camel


and the sacrifice they do have to be divided in three parts

  1. one should be given to the poor
  2.  the other to poor relatives and
  3. third for themselves

on that day in the morning men go to prayer , pray and then come give greetings to their mother,

men  and women , children wear new clothes greet each other of the festival

visit each other

the men sacrifice the animal and clean it and the women then later cook so yummy

its looks yummy right



barbecue of meat is also done