Unfaithful pt2

So this is how it ends completely soaked in rain I was walking in an unknown place the roads were empty you could even see an animal around so how can a human be seen if someone killed me right now no would know nor would I resist cause in my heart I really wanted to die . The flash back came and it kept coming I could not escape the reality anymore no more .

I called my girlfriend rose she was like a rose so fresh even her voice would make me feel happy and she would start talking I just wanted to hear it was melodious

So how is my rose today ? You know I do miss you a lot at work “I told her she replied back with

“honey its so late when will you be back every day I wait for you but you always come in the morning that’s not fair ” she was angry at me I knew it

I was really busy with my work that I had to do over night shift and I had to do it today too

“sorry its just this project is really important when it ends all my time is for you I promise ”


“can you hear me ”

and silence answered me she had hung up my beautiful rose I wanted to at least talk on phone

how can you leave my soul alone I got back at work but my heart and mind were not there she was upset with me and I missed her so badly so I just left the work but my boss  will  scold  me tomorrow.

I will  apologize to my boss maybe they will deduct my pay so what I could not be away anymore so I reached home bought a cake on my away her favorite chocolate flavor if she see it all her anger will vanish and so had the cake and roses in my hands I had the spare key I wanted to surprise her so I just went in the lights were off and it was dark wow she sleeping I thought to myself and tried to not make noise her sleep was sensitive.

  I came close to the stairs I heard loud laughter from my bedroom. Oh she was awake and laughing is she with someone at 1 am no she must be reading her novel  I tried to get rid of these thoughts so slowly went up  there was a tiny gap in the door and her back was toward the door she was wearing a red dress and then I hears a mysterious voice

” so are not you scared rose what if your husband found out ” 

I hear a familiar guy  voice ” he is too stupid and naive baby he would not know a thing ”

Rose wrap her arms around this  man whose face I could not see clearly and then he lifted her up spin her around and kissed her lips  . I could not believe my eyes, shocked ,my body could not move hard to believe the two people I loved most in my life could betray me like this .

peter what about you ? your his step brother how can you betray your brother ” Rose asked him with a smile “well your sweeter then any relation what can I say it was hard to resist your smell  I want to eat you whole ” and that was it I could not hear or see any further I Just went straight grabbing his collar and band I punched his face that face which kissed my wife “how can you betray me you were my brother I raised you after your mother died that’s how you repay me ” he was not guilty eyes looking straight smiled and said “she was delicious ”  and I realized punching him is useless I looked at Rose she looked worried “look its not my fault he came on me please trust me ”  Rose you have one day leave my house before dawn and I will send you divorce papers and I heard everything so that enough ” with that i ran back down the stairs she kept calling me begging me she didn’t loved me , she just loved my money .

so here I walk in places unknown who would have thought something like this could happen to me , I was faithful ,loyal to what was my fault what made her cheat? and I kept  walking  how can  I live without her should I kill myself ? these thought were on mind a flash back came

“Rose when ever you wear red I can’t take my eyes off you don’t wear it in front of other guys okay ”  rose smiled and said ” here you go again don’t worry I am only yours “

what was that , what were the kisses, the times we spent we were married for five years and were in a relation since in college. I felt like my life was finished and so I thought to take my life called my lawyer told him to write papers in which all my property will go to a trust . And with that I took my gun out as I put the gun on my head I heard crying and that also of a baby I looked around no one was there then where did it came from I followed the voice and it was coming from a dirty street down where there were small huts and a then my eyes laid on a baby laying in trash and it was surrounded by dogs I took a stick and made the dogs run away I took the baby in my arms , the baby was so small born few hours back I rushed back to my car and took the baby to the hospital informed police and the doctors .

That day I didn’t saved a life but my life was saved by her and so she is my angel my world I never thought something this good happen to me being a father is more than a broken heart she mend my heart with her love .

Eternal love across the sky

he was the moon surrounded by darkness

she was the sun spreading rays of hope

something forbidden happened

the moon fell in love with the sun

he fell in love with her light 

but they could never meet

so the stars and clouds whispered

passing along there messages

the oceans were the witness to there eternal love

a love with no fruits

where both ready to die for the other to live


with a broken heart she walked down

all eyes staring an angel had came

some jealous , some happy hearts admiring her how that she is the happiest person on earth marrying a man who was every girls dream

but no one knew who was the girl in red ‘s dream ,

for people it was a starting of a new life for her but for her it was a living grave being made ,

she walked down and made her way to the stage head so high like it never had been bend

so she came and sat on the sofa pictures clicking , the relatives sitting talking ,laughing but she could not hear nothing not even the loud music she could not hear

like a robot she was waiting for her new to be groom ,

in her ears she could hear only one voice the voice of her lover ,

his voice which was saved in her heart of computer

how hard she tried she could not erase it ,

the smiles she shared with him , the pain she felt because of him ,

her first love , his smile , face and everything was saved she could still feel it , her heart craved him the one man to whom she given her heart she knew it was unfair to the man she was going to wed in few minutes but all doors had been closed for her to return to her first love he broke her , he changed her ,

he broke the meaning of love but she still loved him he was not her idol man but he was all she ever wanted , every love song reminded of him , every i love you reminded of the first i love you she told him ,

the time they spend it was worst and best of her life but she could not get over him if only he cared and loved even one percent of how she loved and cared for him it would have worked cause she was willing to sacrifice everything for him but something was missing “love” , he did not loved her , he did not damn care if she lived or not , he was just like bouncing ball bouncing up and down back and forth like a pendulum , so she tried to move forward with the promise of never looking back but tears still flowed for him these stupid tears flowed for a man for whom she was nothing , it was not her fault , the fault was she was innocent with a heart that had a beat which only called him , clearing those thoughts away the time for her to say “yes” had came , her groom was sitting next to her the “maula”(scholar islamic)was asking her

“do you want to marry him ” , she said with tears “yes”

“do you want to marry him ” , repeating it with a “yes”

“do you want to marry him “, she said “yes”

and tears came down the scholar said “now your both husband and wife “

it was done the deed was sealed the chapter was closed she had lost him forever and always with that the time to say goodbye to her parents came going to a new house , new people came but it was not hard cause in her heart she had done the hardest thing saying goodbye to the man she loved so much , she could not give her to her husband but she promised in her heart to herself she will be loyal to him and devote herself to him from now on it may not be easy but it will not be impossible with that her new journey had begin .

(its a fictional story please do not hate the female character ) thank you

The games of life

This was the happiest day of her life she finally got what she wanted her love , the person she loved from high school after ten years she still love him and devoted herself entirely to him but fate has something else for her as it is full of surprises and pain , before marriage she just had a regular checkup and that check up report was late but the person who received it was was her lover after seeing the report he was shocked and made a decision that will change his and her life

Standing in Church as his bride came with his father hand in hand and he gave her hand to jemmy her lover and now going to be husband the Priest started saying words from book

“do you accept jemmy as your husband ” asked the priest

” yes with all my heart ” replied jasmine

“do you accept jasmine as your wife ” asked the priest from jemmy

” no ” said jemmy , shocking everyone leaving jasmine in a state of shock she could not believe she thought he made some mistake or she did not hear well ,

” what are you saying your playing a prank right say it your telling a lie ” she grabbed him and was asking like her world fell apart and she had gone crazy ,

getting her arms of him , he said ” i got your report today ” , she was looking at him thinking like so what , he continued

” it said you have problem in you reproductive system it may get better with treatment or may never , so i do not want a wife who is defected , who is not able to give birth to my future heir ”

she fell down the best day of her life turned the worst , she thought something and looked up at him with hope in her eyes

“but it can get better with treatment i will get through any treatment do not care how painful please have trust ” she said , he looked at her with cold eyes

“really but the fact is you have problem which means your not perfect before this you were the perfect women and i can not have things that are not perfect so i am leaving ” he walked off leaving her behind and dropping her report on floor

five days passed , she was drinking alcohol and trying to forget her pain she had received two bad news and there was no one in her life and her father also went back to New York as his work was there now she was depressed and alone and she wanted to die that day but she could not as his father did not left her but as now she was completely alone she thought to die ,and thought to commit suicide, she walked out of home and walked and came across the hill and put a blindfold on her eyes she did not wanted to pull back or even look back she just wanted to do it and step forward , one step ,two step coming closer all memories were going through her mind as she was about to take the last step that would make her life disappear forever she received a call

“ring ,ring ,ring ” thinking who could be at this moment as she has blindfold so she just received it thinking last call of her life , “hello are you miss jasmine , i am Mr jemmy cook i have found Mr jammy stabbed and he is unconscious i have called the police and ambulance , i called as Mr jemmy has no one of his family here you were his friend once ……

he kept talking but she stepped back and ran towards her car this was worse then that day his life in danger made her heart rip out even he did not cared for her but she rushed to the hospital , the doctor said he has lost blood a lot of blood , he is saved but there is one thing that is serious “what is that ” she asked the doctor,

“he was stabbed in the back in the spinal cord area making him paralyzed” , thinking about his condition was really sad , she cleared her tears “can i see him ” she asked

,”yeah you can but do not say much stress is not good for him ” and one more thing doctor,

“can he get better walk on his own feet ” she asked worried ,

“it is 1% chance with proper treatment and care of family members ”

she decided to take care of him as all his family was just like him selfish everyone was happy and refused to look after him so she took that responsibility making everyone shocked and jemmy to was guilty at what he had done to her , days passed ,months passed and now one year has passed he had shown signs of improvement ,he could move now with the help of a stick and could get more better with time so he asked her

“i am really sorry what i did to you can you marry me again ” he asked ,

she replied “no “, he was in the same position now,

he asked “why , did not you cared for me cause you loved me and stayed with me all this whole year ”

she looked at him and said “nope i took care of you cause you saved me that is why , that night if i had not received that phone call i would have died ” ,

he looked at her like could not grasp it , he was confused

“i was going to commit suicide and one step was only left but that phone saved me and so i decided i will make this my purpose you left me in my hard time but i will not i will prove we are not the same but when you get better i will leave you then “

she replied , now he was depressed asking do not leave me , she replied

“i can never trust you cause trust once broken can never mend so i will leave next month after your final checkup”

saying that she left him alone to his thoughts .