She breaks

She is an unexplainable choas that the world cant handle yet she breaks and falls and then rises all over again

She is a warrior who falls again and again just to rise

She is misunderstood often for her extraordinary light

She feels too deep making it hurt too much

And she deserves someone who sees the light as many are blind so they dont see the light igniting within her wings

Wings meant to make her fly as she is an eagle meant to fly over clouds not to be caged

Waiting for the one you truly love

Summer spring autum
Waiting all these seasons
For the one you truly love
Winter nights summer days
The dismal of your absence
The soreness in my broken heart
A hopless dream
Waiting days and night
For the one you truly love
Tickling clock, closed door
The sweet and bitter love
Will wait through the cold lonely nights

Hello dear fellows

I am so sorry for disappearing for so long as I had some issues. I will keep writing stories and personal stories here but for using wordpress I have to open Laptop which is hard at times and Mobile app I do not like it .

So to conclude my statement please I want to connect to you guys on instagram can you let me know how many of you use insta its been so long since I have been gone and I really want to have a warm chat with each and everyone of you and want you to read some amazing stuff I wrote there thank you