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 Your friends ,family and the ones you know are safe what more can a person pray for right?

Nowadays  technology is really useful it has made what was impossible in the past but as with every ease there is difficulty .

We should take precautions with technology so it does not hurt us or other people .

There were two dangerous incidents that happened with cell phones and laptops .

One was a girl fell asleep while she had her headphones on and the cell phone was charging and it resulted in her death and her whole body burned so we should switch off the appliances and especially not use the phone when its charging to just be safe.

The other incident an aunt of my told they were flying from Dubai to Saudi Arabia and in the flight a person had his laptop on and he was sleeping which resulted in his pillow burned ,his passport  burned and it dangered the lives of so many people on flight cause it caused smoke and  many people fainted .

Thankfully no one died and the passengers were safe

“so be safe and keep others safe ”

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The things you have, never realized there value until you lose them .

The person you can easily have you do not want that but what is hard to have you want that but after having it its value becomes zero .

So the brand that is expensive is attractive and the one cheap we are not interested cause everyone can have it .

A human nature from childhood , the kid cries and begs his parents for toys and finally after so much effort he have these toys but after playing with it for a while the child becomes bored ( a habit we never lose even as an adult) so he either throws it away or breaks it . 

Have you ever thought we still have this nature inside us , whatever we desire or want in life we struggle so much after it sometimes our entire life is around that luxury but in the end after having it , we just do not want it anymore .

As an adult as well be it music , movies, fame, power , money or even women or sex after a time you get used to it and its boring , not making you excite anymore .

We want something much better or what others have we desire that ,other people are more lucky or have much more than me but do not realize what we have is so important .

What would we do without it ?

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A taboo in many places or something to be made fun of but its something really natural for every female.

 If she does not bleed every month it has two reasons ,one either she is pregnant or second she lacks some nutrition and needs to see a doctor .

There is also less awareness about it to men they are insensitive to it ,  they do not realize what a women goes through that time , its not easy everyone have different symptoms some have physical pain like cramps



pain over the back legs etc.

Emotional pain too they can be,



lazy and may have craving especially for chocolate.

When a women is going through that phase she wants understanding and support from her family ,friends .

People mostly men can never understand what we women go through and some women can also be insensitive or be like your over doing it which is wrong of them to say , men if your girlfriend ,sister or mother or even friend is going through this phase and you know about it , i want you to show some care and be nice to them cause at that time except all the hormones doing there work and the cramps makes your mind blank making you forget about every thing around them happening, the only thing they care about is the pain should go away , to feel comfortable and relaxed .

If your her boyfriend or husband spending time with her and showing affection would be better option too .

Its time now to stop making it a taboo or feeling disgusted by it or saying it a bad curse people with low mentality are like that especially in india where the women  is not allowed to go to kitchen or temple because she has periods considering her impure God has given her that power of having a child ,bringing a life to earth but men do not understand they say like it had our part too , when men just had the fun part the real burden of 9 months and after going through risk of death and so much pain do men really think they played a  part in that too .

A human body can bear only up to 45 del (unit) of pain. Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 del (unit) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time.

That is why its said in religion the heaven is below a mother ‘s feet , and for a women to get pregnant she has to have normal periods so how can we say periods are gross or disgusting did not they came from the same vagina .

Girls should be taught proper hygiene and how to take care of themselves and boys should learn to be a bit sensitive .

And good luck with your periods and pain.

Girls and women your powerful and strong no men can be as strong as you so smile and keep your heads up .

Cherish that your a women and you can be strong like a women cause men are not strong, people use the phrase strong as a men ,why as men??

Can men really take this much ? never so strong as women cause women are strong , powerful and can change the world with there smile and charm .









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IS WAR GOING TO HAPPEN ?pak versus india

hey guys its been on the news the topic of war so let the story begin there is curfew in Kashmir by the indian army and children ,women in hundreds are killed and made blind by pellet gun and reading it was hard it said there eye is like burned and the doctor keeps saying its bad but who is he treating an 8 year old kid how can he suffer so much pain ? what is the child’s fault ? but the doctor says there are many cases like that he has to treat like that but why are indian army killing Kashmir people cause Kashmir people want to be free an independent state what is so wrong in that ? they have been fighting for there rights to be free they do not have the rights other Indians have the technology the indian have no networks no social media no food no water to survive so what happened when this was going on on 18 Sep some terrorists group attack on uri (town in jamu and kashmir )killing there soldiers  which they are making a fuss any terror attack is wrong but what about them killing people is that okay ? and because of that incident blaming pakistan just after a few hours investigation is wrong cause the weapons were Pakistani are you kidding me Pakistani export there weapons to china Russia etc so how can just because the weapons are from pakistan , pakistan did it ? stop blaming pakistan for everything  please and no government is responsible for a crime in the past there are terrorist attacks done by Indians in pakistan but we did not blamed indian government , also now India want war they want to destroy pakistan ,pakistan map on the world map and call it a terrorist country which is wrong of course if they were from pakistan then they could have attacked Punjab which is closer why would they go so far into Kashmir and do the attack ? pakistan is a peaceful country its people are peaceful loving caring so stop having a false reason for war already indian one extremist party had threatened  Pakistani actors to go back to pakistan in 48 hours or we will beat you and kick you out common its not a child play to kick artists out like taking your anger out on them well they came back anyway and also they blocked the three Pakistani rivers coming to pakistan as revenge  by making a dam there so there will be little water coming to pakistan well we will not die from thirst cause we have our lord (Allah) well i do not want to say who will win the war as yeah it will bring destruction no war brings peace do  it  ? but if there is any attack from India its not like we will just let go by India i mean India army we will also fight back well i hope that do not happen but if it happens pakistan army is really powerful and its people specially are really brave they will sacrifice there lives for there nation not like when the talks started of war 8000 people in army have given application of leave well i just mean  we are not scared what ever come fourth so do not consider us weak  if you say hate against us or want to harm us i do not know how to solve it peacefully  but many people do want the war and many peace but if war comes no one can stop it the only way is to fight and survive and peace is now and we should enjoy  it instead well i would say in the end i have no grudge against India personally but these situations is really making it worse  for me and making me angry and hating India for this nothing else i do not hatred really i do not but it does not mean we are scared its just peace is more loved by us 

peace to Pakistan Long Live Pakistan

peace to the world



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hello my wonderful readers a big sorry for being away but lets just stat going with the post , it was Muslims festival around the world on 13 and 12  September.


Muslims have two big festivals in a year

1.One is eid ul fitar in which there is celebration after 30 days fasting and which passed by and I wrote about it in this post if your curious you can read or check it out


2. The other festival is eid ul azha in which I was busy and away

so let me tell you about it ,

A small insight about its history  ;

This festival is actually celebrated because of our great  prophet Ibrahim (as ) if you do not know he is the prophet that all jews,christians and muslims recognize and respect highly so ibrahim as had dreams in which he was asked to sacrifice his son in the name of Allah it was actually a test but he obeyed he had covered his eyes before sacrificing his son but when he removed the cloth his son was standing fine and instead of his son a goat was sacrificed who was from heaven and Allah accepted his sacrifice .

There is more to it ;

on that day in makkah which is the holy worship place  for muslims in saudi arabia,  there people around the world go and perform hajj as well which is 5 days it is also a religious duty and fifit pillar of islam and done on eid in saudi arabia makkah  the eid day differs as because of the time difference around the world so when there is eid in saudi arabia it is not in pakistan it is the other day here but here the sacrificing is done for hajj you must go to makkah


Things Muslims do during this festival ;

so muslims celebrate this event and the people who have money have to do sacrifice of an animal it can be any in these animals

  1.  goat,
  2. sheep
  3. cow
  4. buffalo
  5. camel


and the sacrifice they do have to be divided in three parts

  1. one should be given to the poor
  2.  the other to poor relatives and
  3. third for themselves

on that day in the morning men go to prayer , pray and then come give greetings to their mother,

men  and women , children wear new clothes greet each other of the festival

visit each other

the men sacrifice the animal and clean it and the women then later cook so yummy

its looks yummy right



barbecue of meat is also done



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TOMATO FESTIVAL (la tomatina)

This is a very exciting and fun  festival that happens in Spain in the  Valencian  town of Buñol and in spanish it is called la tomatina in this festival people throw tomatoes at each other  and it is started since 1945 on Wednesday of August during the weak of Buñol festival , the fix reason as to why it started is not known but there are many reasons people say it started one is that two friends fought with each other during eating and what they got they throwed at each other there were many tomatoes in that restaurant kept and so they used it for throwing another reason they say is there were a lot of tomatoes in the farm and the workers were poor and treated badly by the owners so during one summer they all welcomed them by throwing tomatoes , in 1957 the government gave it an official holiday and then in 1975 the local authorities took everything in there hands by providing the tomatoes and the responsibility of the festival as well and in 1980 the authorities organized it after that a lot of tourists traveled to this Spain town bunol and in the locals income there was increase as well in the  government bank this festival has gained a lot of popularity around the world and even in 2013 a ticket was put on the entry still it had more tourists , this a really festival and throwing tomatoes seems a lot fun but it has some rules as well like it will start with a siren and end with a siren as the siren rings you will throw but by the end no throwing  and it is for one hour so have a lot of fun in it after the siren ends then the cleaning starts as well and also no other thing other than tomato to throw i know you want to throw eggs but they are disgusting not allowed sorry and also take care of the glasses and clothes do not wear expensive clothes for la tomatina this is a fun festival i know a lot of tomatoes are used like last year for 2o thousand people 106 ton tomatoes were used and some will call it waste of food but is not there holi in indian which use colors some are harmful and some as organic are used that do not harm but this is fruit healthy for skin 🙂 and it do not have any religious purpose it is for fun so everyone can do it if they went to Spain i would like to participate though what you say?


this is a video of that event which was recreated for a Bollywood movie in Spain the street is the same as well but the difference is it was organised by the film crew they brought tomatoes from Portugal so enjoy it if you want to see how it is .


wow this is quite a scene what you think ? i mean tomatoes all over the place


yeah one rule i forgot to write the tomatoes should be smashed ok no throwing whole it may hurt the other person


this one looks so yummy i mean common tomato paste i can just eat it lol